Economics 101

Well, well. Week three. One more week, and this will win the award for being the longest running gig I’ve had all year.

Joe tells me that we’re now getting actual people visiting our humble site. (I just tell him that so he’ll keep on drawing strips -JBE) I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you all. When we first started, all of two weeks ago, Joe informed me that we had five unique hits a day, split evenly between Mac users and Bell High Speed Edition users. Sounds impressive for a new site, until you consider that I own and operate a famous Mac, and Joe is one of the HSE Elite.

Joe told me, or rather tried to tell me, all about the cool things we could do with our site, server-wise, that is. Something about tracking and uploading and FTPing and whatnot. Tell you the truth, I don’t quite understand it all. I used to be a techno-geek, but I’ve lost interest. I check e-mail maybe twice a week, unless Joe informs me that he’s sent me a new strip, and the latest in processing power just doesn’t give me the rise it does anymore. Hell, even gaming isn’t interesting me anymore. I used to get excited at the next pretty thing to be announced, but now most of my gaming conversations center around Black & White, Fallout Tactics, and Neverwinter Nights. Someone told me that my new attitude was because I’m growing up, to which I say, “pah!” For, not unike the illustrious Peter Pan, or even that dang-blasted Toys R Us kid, I have no intentions of growing up.

Or, rather, I *had* no intentions of growing up. Maybe growing up is one of
those things that just happens, whether you like it or not, like pimples or Backstreet Boys concerts. One minute, you’re blasting rock and roll music, running around looking at all the cool things you could be doing, and the next you’re listening to string quartets sipping cappacinos in a coffee house, wondering why those damn kids always play their rock and roll so loud. Nay, scratch that, wondering why they play their damn *alternative* so loud. Hell, I don’t even know how the fuck to spell capacino, or capachino, or whatever, but i’m finding myself in William’s at least once a week sucking the damn things down.

And I’ll be damned if they ain’t the best things since orange pop. Maybe growing up isn’t all that bad after all.

I’ll let you know.

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