JoeGreetings Padlings,

I’m in the process of moving the site into a new CMS. If you run into anything that’s ba-roken please let me know!


joe at dpad dot ca

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  1. theMediaman

    w00t! New dpad comics!

    Can I pay you an extra three dollars for the one year warranty on them?

  2. yiddles

    Sure! In fact, pay for two years and I’ll throw in a third year for FREE! Let me send you my PayPal account info…

  3. Mr Bubonic

    Everything looks good with the new site so far. For those of us considering a move to the same platform, can you give us a rundown of how it worked for you, the benefits, the pitfalls, etc.

    Thanks and thanks for the new d+pad comics.

  4. yiddles

    WordPress is a solid, stable and well supported platform. It makes it a lot easier for me to manage updates and maintain the site, especially with Tyler’s Martin’s ComicPress theme. There are changes/enhancements I want to make to the layout, but my limited experience with PHP templating has made it difficult to get things working. I think I’m ready to call for expert assistance.

    Use as directed. Your results may vary.

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