Pure Evil

I’m going to try an experiment and not link to the new strip in my news post, just to see if it makes a difference. Oops, looks like I goofed. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Oh, before I forget, the new cast page is online for your reading pleasure.

So the results are in from our first weekly d+pad poll, and it seems like the Dreamcast’s early demise can only be attributed to bad mojo. That seems to be a common problem for Sega, as their hardware is usually top notch, and their games are often classics. It truly is a shame to see bad mojo having such an effect on this industry. Clearly more research needs to be done in the area of bad mojo, and how to minimize its impact on promising new gaming platforms.

Speaking of bad mojo, it really sucks to be a Toronto sports fan right about now. Wednesday the Leafs got spanked out of the playoffs, while Allen Iverson took the Raptors to school. Don’t even get me started on the Jays. What does all this have to do with video games? Well, it looks like the only way a Toronto team is going to get a win this month is on a console system. And even that’s iffy.

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