Size Matters

As I sat down earlier tonight to make out my grocery list, choosing some lovely ground beef for some tasty tasty homeburgers, a thought came to me. Actually, several thoughts came to me, some of which are inappropriate for this forum, but one of the PG thoughts was “what would happen if consoles were sold by weight, like meat?”. Okay, it’s a stupid thought, I’ll admit that, but it made me chuckle, and then I got to thinking more about it. Video game consoles, like most consumer electronics, often cost far more than it seems they should. It’s not like when you buy a refrigerator. Sure, you spend a few thousand bucks, but in exchange you get something you could never hope to lift without some sort of assistance. That makes it a fair deal. The same goes for cars, hot tubs, beer kegs. Heck, even most PCs are heavy or bulky enough to almost justify their price (with a few exceptions). But consoles, as much as we may love them, seem pretty pricey for a little plastic box. It’s a sticking point that non-gamers never truly get over, and even the most hardcore among us can’t help but feel a little stung after a new purchase. But we weigh the hours of prospective fun against the heft (or lack thereof) of a console and everything usually works out in the end. Now before I forget, I need to order some mustard.

Seeya Friday,


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