The First Comic

Joe Some d+pad strips, especially the early ones, were nearly literal depictions of events that happened at the store. This one in particular usually happened on a daily basis and is indicative of the “check your brain at the door” phenomenon that made for such good comic fodder.

Welcome to d+pad! Seeing as we’re new, your finding this site among all the drek and porn of the Internet is nothing short of a miracle. We must have done a really good job of spreading the URL around. Or maybe you just came upon some random link somewhere (seeing as we’re pretty lazy, the latter is far more likely).Despite how you got here, you’re probably asking yourself “what exactly is this d+pad thing all about?” Well right off the bat, if you don’t know what a d+pad is, chances are you’re not going to like anything you see here. Actually, even if you do know what a d+pad is, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll like any of it, but at least we’ve got a shot. d+pad is a web comic about a video game store and all the meshugas that goes on there. Being employed by such a shop personally, most of the strips are based on actual events that have been inflicted upon me at one time or another. For this I deserve your pity, but I’ll settle for the occasional chuckle.So go forth and enjoy, and don’t forget to tell all of your gaming buddies about this great new site that YOU found first.

It’s all about the bragging rights.


Hello, folks! It’s your friendly neighbourhood Armaani here, welcoming y’all to d+pad! Here’s how it works: Joe handles the writing, coding, uploading, foruming, working; I do the art. If you have any questions, complaints, or bug reports, send that to Joe. Joe also said he’ll take any letter bombs and bondage clowns you care to send. Any form of praise can be sent to me; Joe doesn’t want any of that – I don’t know why, but Joe’s a strange breed of penguin. Speaking of strange, that’s what you are if you haven’t yet run out and bought Black and White. If you fall into this (highly) undesirable category, may I humbly suggest that you immediately head to your local game emporium and purchase your copy. Go. Right now. I’ll be here when you get back.Excellent. Glad you’re back. It’s impossible to delve into just what makes Black and White such an excellent game. One could pontificate about personality tests and freedom of choice and whatnot, but it’s really all about the simple joy that stems from taking a young, innocent creature, and teaching him (or her) to eat drowning children. It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye, but only one; any more would be a sign of weakness.Until later, my friends.

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  1. Scambl

    This comic is a waste of the internet. I’m sorry, but you lose two internets.

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