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Joe Here’s a tip: If you somehow missed Black & White when it came out back in 2001, look around for a copy and pick it up. It’s still a better game than 80% of what’s being released today. And it should run really well on today’s PCs too.

Has it been a week already? I can hardly believe it. I was sure I’d lose interest by now.As you can see, Joe is loving Black & White so much, he just had to make a strip on it. It’s a great game, but it requires a huge time investment to be truly rewarding. Not that I mind spending time with my games, but I have other games to play, and not enough time to pay attention to them all.

Speaking of Fallout Tactics, if you’re a fan of the Mad Max series of movies, then you’re really going to love this game. I was watching Beyond Thunderdome on Space last Saturday night, and it’s clear to see where the Fallout designers got their inspiration. It was like watching a movie version of the game. Good Stuff.

If you were wondering what the original Fallout designer, Tim Cain, is currently doing (and even if you weren’t), he’s working on a new title for Sierra Studios called Arcanum. It’s a weird fantasy mix that’s takes place in an industrialized society, where magic and technology co-exist, albeit barely. M. Cain promises that the game play will be extremely open-ended, allowing you to play however you like. I’ll be checking it out when it get’s released next month, so I’ll let you know how it plays.

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Ciao Babies.

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