Cast of Characters


A fairly easy-going guy who accepts his job at VGS as the means to an end that it is. Sure, working retail isn’t exactly his idea of paradise, but at least he doesn’t have to ask people if they “want fries with that?” After Sam was promoted to District Manager, Joe wound up as manager of VGS, mostly by default.


He started working at VGS for one reason, and one reason only; to pay for his very expensive Street Fighter Third Strike arcade habit. He’ll serve customers when necessary, but don’t even think about asking him to work out the tax for you.


A hardcore gamer, even by hardcore gamer standards. For him, working at VGS is like being a kid in a candy store. Everybody likes Rick, although his unprecedented enthusiasm has caused more than one case of temporary deafness.


He joined the staff as a replacement for Rick, but where Rick is filled with youthful exuberance, Olin is filled with youthful sloth. He somehow manages to get the job done though, even if the job is just keeping the demo stations from tipping over while he’s leaning on them.

Sam aka The Add-On Ninja

Formerly the manager at VGS, Sam is famous for his ability to appear out of thin air with an armload of “added value” items for customers to purchase. Always a pretty tolerant boss, especially considering the yahoos he had working for him, he’s now a District Manager and visits several VGS locations adding value wherever he goes.

“Indie” Jones

You’ve probably met Indie. He’s the guy who hangs out in the back corner of comic book shops reading all the weird comics no one’s ever heard of. He’s the one who’s always going into Chinatown to pick up those strange import games and odd-smelling snack foods with bizarre names. He’s the one that likes anime movies that even people who like anime movies don’t like and has the CD collection of bands that might as well be made up as far as you know. He’s a lot of things, but mainstream isn’t one of them.

Flat-Headed Customer

This customer doesn’t have a name (no one’s bothered to find out what it is), but he’s easy to spot thanks to his flat head. Why the flat head? Because he doesn’t have a brain, of course.

Random Kids

These barely distinguishable kids seem to exist only to purchase vast amounts of Pokemon cards, and monopolize the store’s demo game stations. They also travel in packs, for added annoyance.