Your Enemy, My Enemy

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I’m a little late writing this post and I blame World of Warcraft for my tardiness. I recently started playing after avoiding it for almost three years, precisely because I knew I’d likely get hooked. So of course it happened, just a few days into my 10-day free trial. *sigh*

My only real experience with MMORPGs prior to WoW was a brief experiment with Everquest several years ago. That was a free trial that didn’t hook me. In fact, I found EQ to be so frustrating that I don’t think I even finished the trial. WoW, by comparison, is infinitely more accessible. WoW doesn’t force you to fight—and lose—to an endless series rats and bats for days; dying doesn’t undo untold hours worth of progress and experience; and its seamless game world just looks fantastic. Granted, that last point has a lot to do with WoW being much newer than the EQ I played, but Blizzard still has a lot of be proud of.

I’ve found that WoW eases new players into the game with a gentle learning curve that manages to keep things interesting right from the start. Plentiful low level quests get you acquainted with the game world and concepts, and then ramp up at just the right pace. That’s an important feature, as MMORPGs can be really intimidating for n00bs like me, so I think Blizzard has done a great job of finding that balance between challenge and frustration.

If you’re ever on Velen, look me (Yiddar) and Oof (oof) up. Unless you’re a jerk. But if you’re not a jerk, we’d be happy to adventure with you! No jerks, please.


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