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JoeNo, that customer isn’t topless. Strange and humourous things can happen when saving images with a limited colour profile. I could “fix” it, but this is how the strip originally ran and it doesn’t seem right (or necessary) to do so despite the odd comment I receive about it now and then.

Also, Han shot first.

Welcome to the second update of PS2: System of Shame Week! Oh, you probably didn’t even know we were doing a theme week did you? That must have been the only piece of information Armaan left out of his Monday news post. At least he got to the important stuff, god knows we all care about his propensity for ordering cappuccinos. So anyway, this week we’re devoting our strips to the most over-hyped game console in the history of gaming. No, I didn’t say the PS2 sucks, stop putting words in my mouth will you? I do think it has a lot of growing to do before it meets its full potential though. This is the console people were paying one or two thousand dollars for on ebay before Christmas, and for what? To play the half dozen or so games that are actually worth playing? And that’s half a dozen now, not then. SSX is great, but I wouldn’t drop a grand just to play it.

Well, assuming I haven’t alienated half of our readership by now, why not drop by the forums and let us know what you think of the PS2? Or of d+pad? Or of anything else, because if there’s one thing the Internet’s good for, it’s letting the whole world know exactly what you think. (you thought I was going to say porn, didn’t you?)

Catch you Friday,


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  1. oof

    She’s not topless. She’s clearly wearing a gun holster and a necklace.

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